about us


Alfirdaus Community is an initiative of Alfirdaus College. We aim to support parents and families with their thirst for Islamic Education from the comfort of their own homes and completely for FREE.

Inspiration for Alfirdaus Community came from the many Quran and Islamic Education teachers who felt a touch of sadness siting at home not being able to teach their students, knowing that students are at their own homes and thirsty to learn. They wanted to help parents and benefit the many students in the community, even though they couldn’t see them in person.

Most families are not trained educators and do not have an Islamic Education program or access to Islamic resources. The Alfirdaus Community platform aims to remedy this by providing as much support to the community on one platform.

Everyone who wishes to benefit others in the Islamic Education sphere is invited to contribute to the Alfirdaus Community platform.



Imagine you are in the masjid after prayer. You gather around, get close and comfortable to the Imam, soften your heart, listen attentively and immerse yourself in regular inspiration and knowledge by respected Shaykhs and speakers about very relevant and useful topics.


You are inspired to learn and now is the time to go deeper into understanding certain topics. Acquiring Islamic knowledge is one of the greatest acts of worship. These short courses, with very relevant and useful topics, delivered by learned and respected teachers, are the perfect way to ensure you fulfill one of the obligations of Islam, that is to seek authentic knowledge.


Have you ever walked into the masjid, and felt the warmth, beauty and serenity of a small group of students, sitting in a corner with a pleasant and eager teacher. Some students are reciting the Quran softly and being supported by the humble teacher. Whilst others, in a different circle (halaqa), are immersed in Islamic discussion about topics that will help you become a better Muslims.


No matter what age, who doesn’t like playing? Lets play and learn!

Quizes are not only a way to have some fun, but to actually gain new knowledge as well. Compete with yourself first, then with others and increase your understating of Islam through these exciting quizzes. Developed for different ages, topics and different levels.


The family is thirsty to learn, the home is ready and wants the angels to come into a home that Remembers Allah swt.,  Where do you start? Start here, look around this page, search for right resource for you or your children’s age and level, download and print ant start the learning. When you finish, come back and find something else that is beneficial.


We all need to improve all Quran recitation. Sometimes we don have the time, the means, a teacher or we may be embarrassed (we shouldn’t be). Now there is no reason not to check your Quran reading level, and work on improving it. Record and test your Quran recitation, and get feedback on what you need to focus on to better your reading.


As educators we get asked many questions very often. For parents, we know you have a million questions. So we have made it easy for you by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Islamic Education, Islamic Studies and raising children in advance. Watch, listen, enjoy and learn from our experts who have answered your questions so you benefit from the advice.

Q and A

As we strive through the journey of life, that endless pursuit to get closer to Allah swt and be a better person than we were yesterday, we all have Islamic questions we need answered by learned experts. Here you can benefit by asking a written question, look at other questions that have been answered previously or join a live Questions and Answers sessions. Live sessions are available for different age groups at different times. Even get the kids to learn by asking questions.